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Return to Work

Rehabilitation Services

For Employers, Insurers and Case Managers, our Vocational Rehabilitation services help achieve the best outcomes for those you work with. We provide end to end support from initial assessment to helping clients reengage in employment in a sustainable way.


We promote job satisfaction, employee well-being and a reduction in absence duration.  Our bespoke coaching approach means that we specialise in addressing complex cases, neurodiversity and working with senior executives.


Vocational Psychology Assessments

Our assessments are targeted at understanding the points most important to shaping a successful return to employment:

  • Presenting issue(s) on a holistic basis: background, context (work, domestic, health etc), previous attempts to return to work, relationship with employment/employer, and client perceptions of current capability

  • Vocational aims, motivations and time scale

  • Perceived barriers to achieving aims

  • Objective and costed recommendations for support based on the approaches most likely to support recovery, rehabilitation and a return to vocational activity.


Work is Good

We operate on the principle that vocational activity and work are themselves therapeutic and important aspects of any recovery plan.  We support our clients to get them into productive, vocational activity as soon as it is possible; our experience shows that this helps build resilience, self-belief, and greatly improves the probability of a successful return to work in the future.


Support for Referrers


We provide you with the information you need to manage your case files. This can be informal, formal verbal or written updates as required.  We are always happy to chat through case studies and lessons learned with teams we work with.


*Managed Return to Work *mediation *CBT *Reasonable adjustments

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