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WIDE Skies is a podcast series about wellbeing, inclusion, diversity and equality as told through the lived experiences and stories from a wide range of guests. 

Do you have an interest in well-being and EDI and want to make a positive difference as a colleague or friend?


Or do you have responsabilty in the workplace for these areas and recognise their importance but may have limited resources and budgets?


In that case, imagine fireside chats with people you'd really like to meet, discussing equality issues with kindness candor and humour. Join us for tips, insight and practical advice as we journey under WIDE skies.

Well-being Resources 

Meditating on Bed
Sitting by Campfire
Holisitic wellbeing.png

From Episode 1

 Well-being is more than just feeling good.

Well-being  is best understood holistically  

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Psychological Well-being


‘Psychological well-being describes a state of contentment, confidence and emotional security.

We feel optimistic, but with balanced, realistic expectations.

Feelings of mental distress such as depression frustration and anxiety are absent: we feel clear-minded, positive and happy.’

Vocational Well-being


‘Vocational well-being describes the satisfaction and fulfilment we experience when we engage in mental and/or physical, purposeful activities.

Vocational well-being is enhanced when we strive to achieve goals, and when our efforts are recognised by ourselves or others.’

Physical Well-being


‘Physical well-being describes the physiological state where we feel comfortable, energised and our body is able to meet the demands we place on it, both  in resting and active states.

Sufficient sleep, good nutrition, a balanced diet, strong muscles, flexibility, stamina and good balance contribute to physical well-being’.

Practical Well-being


‘Practical well-being underpins the other well-being elements. It encompasses all: resources, environmental factors and support requirements.

The absence of required factors or the presence of negative factors will directly impact on well-being.’

Social Well-being


'Our social well-being concerns both: the feeling we ‘belong’, that we are valued, respected and loved for who we are; as well as the pleasure and enjoyment we experience communicating and interacting with others.'

Boosting  Well-being 


Looking after well-being holistically = Keeping balance in the five interrelated areas.


By recognising where we are in the different areas, we can identify what is working and in what areas it would be useful to make changes. 


It's important to recognise that difficulties in one area may negatively impact on overall well-being and that making positive changes in one area may positively affect other areas, e.g. joining an exercise class can boost physical, psychological and social well-being. 

Well-being spider.png

Well-being Spider 

By using this tool for yourself or with others, you can record the current situation and monitor progress as make positive changes are made.

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