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Work Is Good

It may not feel that way sometimes – but vocational activity, activity with a purpose, is very important for psychological wellbeing. For most of us, work makes up a big part of our life! It gives routine to our days, a source of social interaction and feeds into our sense of who we are, our identity. Indeed without work, we cannot establish the prized ‘work-life balance'.

Occasionally though, too much can be asked of us. A combination of challenges inside and outside work can require more than we are able to give. This often results in stress; in time this can lead to, anxiety, low mood, and poor health.  This tends to be accompanied by us dropping into a pattern of doing less that can lead to reduced enjoyment in life, social withdrawal and reduced belief in our abilities; a vicious cycle!

Rather than concentrating on trying to ‘fix’ the symptoms, our approach is to focus on the end goals. By establishing vocational aims, we can identify the specific barriers standing in your way and put in place a coaching plan to help overcome them. At the heart of this is supporting individuals to understand their current situation and to build a toolbox of skills and coping strategies to meet their challenges. 

We use a coaching approach, as it is focused on you and your current needs – not focused on a particular condition or set of symptoms. This is just like sport, where a coach can help you build skills and abilities all the way from beginner to world-class athlete.  Think of stress as a continuum, with struggling at one end and thriving at the other;  at every point on that journey, a coach can help you work out the next steps that are right for you.

You can’t fix everything at once, and so we believe that resources should be focused on where they can make the greatest difference. For some, it’s getting back to activity with purpose and structure. For others, it’s about gaining an early understanding of the effects of stress and developing coping strategies so they can continue to thrive.

Pressure is a constant in life, so why wait for it to become a problem


The Bridgebourne Approach

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